JWLI Alumni Reconnect in Osaka for Japanese Women’s Conference

Two of our JWLI Alumni have connected and joined together for a Women’s workshop in Osaka, Japan. Mami Kishigami, who was a JWLI fellow in 2016, lives and works in Osaka as the Chief Program Officer of the Osaka City Women’s Foundation. She is also a Deputy Manager of the Women’s Counseling Center. Maki invited a 2014 JWLI fellow, Megumi Ishimoto, who is based in Tohoku, who started a nonprofit after the 2011 disaster in order to support women in disaster-stricken areas, especially in evacuation centers in order to provide resources and programming for financial sustainability. Megumi spoke at the workshop in Osaka about her experience starting a nonprofit. It is wonderful to see collaborations between past fellows who have both gone through the JWLI program to connect back in Japan and work together.