2014 Fellow Speaks at International Symposium

In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Institute of Social Science at the The University of Tokyo hosted an event called “An Intergenerational Panel Discussion with Women Pioneers of DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction): Diversity and Risk Governence” on February 16th.

Megumi Ishimoto, Executive-Director of NPO Women’s Eye and JWLI Alumni participated as a commentator. Along with Rumbidzal Kandawasvika-Nhundu, Ishimoto facilitated important discussions on effective risk governance, inclusivity in decision-making for disaster risk reduction, and the conditions of a truly resilient society.

As we commemorate five years since the triple disasters that struck Tohoku, it is more important than ever to continue conversations surrounding these issues.

By sharing experiences of disasters, we are able to investigate what works and what doesn’t, what is needed and what should be prioritized, in disaster risk reduction.