CCJA Call for Recommendations

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There are less than a month left to send in your nominations! The Champion of Change Japan Award will recognize women leaders in Japan who work persistently to address the most pressing needs in their communities. An Award recipient will be selected and rewarded a cash prize of $10,000.

For additional info and to nominate candidates, please visit :

Deadline: Wednesday, July 31

2019 Spring JWLI Report Event Recap

6月17日月曜日に、Startup Hub Tokyoにて、2019年JWLI春プログラムの報告会が行われました。会場には100人近くの方々が集まり、メンターの方々もフェロー達の応援にかけつけてくださいました。日本ファンドレイジング協会の鵜尾雅隆さん、CANPANの山田泰久さん、東北大学名誉教授の原山優子先生、貴重なコメントをありがとうございました。

2019 Spring JWLI Report Event took place at Startup Hub Tokyo on Monday, June 17th. Nearly 100 people gathered to listen to Fellows’ Action Plans and their learnings in Boston. Special thanks to the mentors who participated in the event to support the Fellows.